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Bespoke TerraTRACK

Driver ID

For those businesses where pool vehicles have multiple roles TerraTRACK can provide detailed driver ID information. This information can provide:

  • unique ID per individual
  • visibility of personnel
  • efficient management of vehicles/assets
  • cost saving- fuel/mileage

  • for more details on Driver ID >>

    Emergency Button

    Terrafix devices have the ability to provide the user with an emergency button capability. For those users working alone, unsociable hours or in vulnerable situations, an emergency button can provide piece of mind should a situation arise.

    Once activated that person/asset will be prioritised by the TerraTRACK system and emergency assistance can be provided.

    Statusing and Report Keypad

    TerraTRACK can provide a status reporting capability via a keypad, and can be configured to each individual customer requirement.

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