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Terrafix News - RF Screened Room

New RF Screened Room Facility

Terrafix Ltd has installed an RF (Radio Frequency) screened room facility at its Stoke-on-Trent headquarters.

The anechoic screened room (7m x 3.4m x 3m) provides an environment which is protected against external RF fields and attenuates emissions from equipment in the room. The facility meets CISPR 22 and 25 requirements and provides an overall attenuation of more than 100dB (1MHz to 10GHz). This allows testing of equipment for low level emissions and use of RF power transmitters for design and pre-compliance measurements. A second separately screened instrument room is attached to the anechoic room by waveguide and fibre-optic tunnels through which connections between measuring equipment, antennas and test items can be made. The instrument room houses the calibrated measuring equipment and provides a working environment for the engineers using the facility.

This facility allows Terrafix's R&D engineering teams to evaluate and validate new designs and provide pre-compliance testing of equipment before formal testing for standards such as CE, Automotive e and Spec 5. This aids rapid product development and our in-house radio research.

When not needed for internal work the facility can be booked by external users for pre-compliance emissions measurements. The booking includes a technician to operate the equipment. Technical support from a Terrafix engineer can be made available at extra cost.

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