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Terrafix News - TerraTRACK

Terrafix release the NEW TerraTRACK device

Terrafix TerraTRACK

Terrafix are pleased to launch a Fleet Management, Tracking, Telematic system called 'TerraTRACK'. Designed exclusively by Terrafix, TerraTRACK encompasses all the functionality of a tracking system with ability to access CANBus and telematic information to provide the user with a powerful management tool. The user is provided with their own personalised access to the system which will allow them to track, manage, monitor and analyse their assets, anytime, anywhere in the world.

With complete access to the telematic information the user can generate full management reports tailored to their individual requirements, highlighting areas such as driver behaviour, speed, fuel consumption and mileage.

Modern, intuitive and cost effective to use, TerraTRACK is the answer for a company who are trying to improve efficiencies and introduce cost saving benefits with technology.

Terrafix Limited

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Terrafix release the NEW cost effective tracking and telematic device.
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