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Terrafix and Serve On Mercury Trial

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The Spring of 2014 saw Terrafix working with Serve On to trial 'Mercury', Terrafix's latest software defined hand held radio, that is responsive to changing RF environments.

Who are Serve On... they are a new British International disaster response team, which has a network of volunteers who work alongside the Emergency Services and local authorities worldwide.
Serve On approached Terrafix saying that their upcoming training exercise would be the ideal environment to trial the 'Mercury'.

So what was the training exercise... it was an 'Urban and Flood Search and Rescue' based in the Forest of Dean, in the deep depths of the forest with poor and limited cellular communications. Two ServeOn teams were sent to navigate without any electronic aids to find and rescue causalities from unknown situations. HQ followed the two teams via Mercury, utilising the Terrafix control system 'TerraTRACK', this showed the teams positions during the search and allowed total management of all resources. With one mobile Mercury fitted with a GPRS modem this then allowed all other devices without any comms to 'talk' to each other and pass information back to the GPRS unit which in turn shares it with all other devices, allowing a wireless network. This provided the Serve On teams with the ability to view each other and search patterns and resulted in a successful rescue.

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Clickhere to view the video.

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