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October 2013 - Welcome to the Terrafix newsletter. We would like to keep you updated on our latest news, products and events happening here at Terrafix.

Terrafixs' NEW website
Brand NEW Terrafix Website

Terrafix are pleased to announce the launch of the new website, we have worked on improving the look and feel of the site, bringing a more modern approach. On the website you will find up to date products, keeping the user informed of news and events and general information about Terrafix. It also features our new TerraTRACK system.

Click here to view theNEWsite.

Terrafix Responder Lite
Terrafix Responder Lite
Terrafix have released a cost effective alternative to our widely used Responder application, the Responder-Lite. This is an application installed on an Android smartphone device, enabling the Ambulance Control to send text messages and incident dispatch messages to the user, and for the user to send status information and messages back to control.
The devices used by Responder-Lite also have a GPS tracking capability that will send position updates back to Control to inform them of the location of the user. The unit also includes an emergency button to advise control if assistance is required.
TerraTRACK banner
TerraTRACK -Terrafix have launched a cost effective tracking, fleet management and telematics system.

Designed by Terrafix, TerraTRACK can meet all tracking and telematic needs. A complete web based system that can be used for real-time tracking, messaging and status reporting of vehicles/ assets together with any telematic data.

TerraTRACK is designed as a low cost, reliable, efficient tracking system enabling the user to manage, track and view assets virtually in real-time, access fleet management functionality and provide tailor made functions to the customers individual requirements.
TerraTRACK devices

Access via a secure web based portal allows the users to easily track, manage and analyse their assets. The flexibility of TerraTRACK means the user can access their assets through smart devices such as tablets, laptops, PCs and smartphones, anytime, anywhere in the world.
TerraTRACK login
TerraTRACK Demo

"Terrafix TerraTRACK is an evolution based on the 25 years experience providing critical bespoke tracking solutions. The principle is to provide a cost effective, yet configurable way of tracking and monitoring fleets of vehicles. Why not have a look at the system by logging on to:"


Login: demo
Password: demo
Terrafix TUT
Terrafix Universal Tracker -TUT
Designed, developed and manufactured by Terrafix, the TUT is a reliable and flexible cost effective tracking and telematic device. Providing the user with a multi-bearer system enabling them to manage and track all their assets anytime, anywhere in the world.

Compact, ruggedised and bespoke in design the TUT can be deployed into any environment where tracking is a necessity. Primarily deployed as a GPRS tracking device, it has the capacity to increase its functionality by plugging in additional communications modems.
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