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December 2013 - Welcome to the Terrafix newsletter. We would like to keep you updated on our latest news, products and events happening here at Terrafix.

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Seasons Greetings to all of our customers...
Terrafix would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Enjoy the festivities

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Enhancements of the TerraTRACK

As a cost effective fleet manager and telematic system, TerraTRACK is continually evolving. Over the last couple of months we have been improving and enhancing the functionality within the TerraTRACK website. TerraTRACK now offers the users the ability to utilise:

Dashboard Facility - to accumulate all the assets performance details against each other. A league table of driver behaviour/ mileage/ distance or harsh acceleration/ breaking levels and is printable.

Fuel Card - the ability to upload and add fuel card transactions against an asset. Fill in an excel spreadsheet and it will populate all data into a fuel card report form.

Geofences - along with the other pre-built Geofences - the London congestion charge has been added. There is also now the ability to assign an icon when creating your own geofence.

Data Traffic Support - Traffic information can be loaded on demand anytime around any particular asset to help visualise any logistical problems.

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TerraTRACK Demo

"Terrafix TerraTRACK is an evolution based on the 25 years experience providing critical bespoke tracking solutions. The principle is to provide a cost effective, yet configurable way of tracking and monitoring fleets of vehicles. Why not have a look at the system by logging on to:"


Login: demo
Password: demo
CANBus screenshots
Terrafix CANBus

We have recently developed a CANBus interface that provides access to view in-vehicle reporting facilities via the TerraTRACK suite. The interface can provide the user with telematic data, vehicle reports and journey analysis of a vehicle. The CANBus Interface is compatible with all Terrafix in-vehicle equipment and can be passed to multiple reporting platforms (i.e. excel, pdf's) where the customers can generate bespoke reports and screen shots.

Examples of the CANBus Interface can be found by logging into www.terratracking.com
and view asset 10233 going to 'Extras' menu and then to the 'Telematics' menu.

Terrafix Research

Terrafix not only design and manufacture our products we also invest in research.

" What happens when GPS Fails? "

Robustness of positioning is essential for location and tracking systems and the availability of satellite information is challenged in deep urban and indoor environments. Also the growing availability and use of jammers (personal privacy devices) can cause loss of reliable information. Countermeasures require integration of the satellite based information with other navigation systems and techniques to trade-off the impacts of single system failures. Terrafix have a history of implementing complex integrations of communication and navigation systems to provide the user with reliable position information or advise that none is available to prevent user misinformation. To this end we endeavour to examine cutting edge developments in these areas.

In addition to our in-house work Terrafix fund, jointly with EPSRC, a CASE PhD research studentship in the Department of Environmental

and Geomatic Engineering at University College London. This longstanding association looks at alternatives for navigation in places where satellite systems are not robust. Our latest student is presenting a paper entitled "Novel Environmental Features for Robust Multisensor Navigation" at this year's Institute of Navigation September GNSS+ meeting in Nashville. This study is investigating how things in the environment can be used as a basis to support navigation in GNSS deprived areas. Such features may be gravity, ambient, light, magnetic fields, scents, road signs, temperature, radio signals to name a few possibilities. For robustness these need combining, along with GNSS when available, in a context aware manner so that the navigation adapts to the available information. Most animals perform this feat (in the absence of GNSS sensors) with ease but it is technologically challenging to approach such performance.
Terrafix anechoic chamber
Anechoic Chamber
Terrafixs' Radio Frequency Screened Room available for hire.

Here at Terrafix we have an anechoic screened room available to aid our technicians with the development and research of our products. The insulated chamber provides a clean, quiet open space to work in. The room is designed to absorb and reduce reflections and any unwanted signals. Accurate testing can be achieved within the chamber as the sound proof and radiation absorbent insulator minimises/ disallows external influences that could give unpredictable and inaccurate results. For a further read up on the chamber please click here or for any queries email enquiries

This facility is available to hire out to external users.
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