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Spring 2014 - Welcome to the Terrafix newsletter. Keeping you updated on our latest news, products and events.

Burntwood and District Community First Responder Vehicle Launch installed with Terrafix Emergency Solution kit.

Terrafix TVC 4000

Terrafix are proud to support Burntwood Community First Responders. In order to meet the ever increasing requirements of the community, Burntwood Community First Responders have installed the Terrafix Emergency Solution, combining TVC3000 and the Garmin Interface.The mobile data technology will enable the Community First Responders to be utilised as a resource for West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Terrafix were invited to attend the launch event of the Burntwood Skoda Rapid Response Vehicle on the 2nd May, where the vehicle installed with the Terrafix system was unveiled by the charity's ambassador, actor and celebrity Hugh Grant, the Chief Executive of West Midlands Ambulance Service and the Chairman of the charity.

community first responder

Numerous fundraising events helped to raise the money for the new vehicle and Terrafix equipment in order for the Community Responders to play a vital role in saving lives amongst the community. The Terrafix equipment will operate alongside West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS to attend 999 calls prior to the arrival of the Ambulance Service. We all at Terrafix, wish the Burntwood and District Community First Responder team all the best.

Terrafix TVC 4000
The Universal In-Vehice Server - TVC 4000
Towards the end of last year we released our new Terrafix Vehicle Computer (TVC 4000). The TVC 4000 assists the ever increasing demands of the Emergency Services acting as an incident dispatch and statusing platform, whilst providing a powerful in vehicle universal communications server.

The fully flexible device acts as an intelligent information transfer hub connecting a multitude of devices together, whilst also allowing the use of other devices away from the vehicle to connect via WiFi or bluetooth connectivity that the TVC provides.

The system is backwardly compatible with all existing Terrafix systems. The TVC 4000 has added operating system enhancements and wireless options including bluetooth, and WiFi to enable data downloads/ up-loads.

Since its launch, the TVC 4000 has been installed in South Central Ambulance Service, North of England Private Ambulance and West Midlands Ambulance Services.

Data transfer within a secure wi-fi network.

TME diagram

Terrafix have created a new system architecture designed to give the user a more flexible, reliant and secure operating environment - Terrafix Mobile Environment (TME).

The basis of TME is to provide the user with a Terrafix WiFi cloud, and the ability to exchange information securely and widely over a number of devices without compromising on functionality.

The network architecture supports a number of devices allowing the information to be commonly displayed over a variety of platforms ranging from Apple, Android, Windows and Terrafix bespoke platforms.

Terrafix's latest vehicle computer TVC4000 provides the user with the platform to enable to support this environment. The device acts as a server/comms box to other devices and allows data transfer to the connecting devices by using the Terrafix 'WiFi Cloud'.

The Terrafix 'WiFi cloud' acts as a hot spot for all the devices to gather and distribute data, and the application in use will display and operate in a universal way across all devices.

Product Announcement


The Terrafix Aggregator, a new Terrafix product development. It is being designed to drastically improve the way mobile data systems and devices will operate in the field.

The T.AGG device can be incorporated into an existing Terrafix system as an integrated module within a TVC4000, and it can also be used as a stand alone device utilising its inbuilt WiFi capability.

T.AGG Functions:

  • Includes up to 4 different mobile providers and interface to other communications such as Satcom

  • Built in interfaces including Ethernet, USB

  • Secure WiFi bubble - Utilising multi device 80211ac protocol

  • Flexible configuration providing multiple network usage opportunities

  • Aggregation of configured networks giving the optimum bandwidth available to devices connecting over the secure WiFi bubble.

  • Fully encrypted

  • TVC and TAGG

    Terrafix Aggregator T.AGG
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    TerraTRACK -central management of all assets, locating and displaying asset positions using intuitive mapping and tables.

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    "Terrafix TerraTRACK is an evolution based on the 25 years experience providing critical bespoke tracking solutions. The principle is to provide a cost effective, yet configurable way of tracking and monitoring fleets of vehicles. Why not have a look at the system by logging on to:"


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