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Winter 2014 - Welcome to the Terrafix newsletter, keeping you updated on our latest news, products and events.

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We would like to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.
The Terrafix Aggregator - TAGG

Terrafix TAGG
The TAGG - The Terrafix Aggregator - T.AGG is an in-vehicle communications hub with an integrated GPS system that will improve the way mobile data systems and devices operate in the field. It utilises a secure WiFi bubble to connect users over a proven, resilient and robust solution. With flexible configuration and the aggregation of networks, the T.AGG provides multiple network usage opportunities giving the optimum bandwidth available.

The 4 x 4G cellular modems are accompanied by other built in interfaces including ethernet, USB, Bluetooth and a GPS receiver/antenna providing a full secure Terrafix Mobile Environment TME, meaning that an application will operate in exactly the same way on what ever device and operating system is chosen, from a tablet, smartphone, pc or bespoke Terrafix device (T.AGG/ TVC 4000) on either an Apple iOS, Windows or Android operating system.

Terrafix Overseas

October saw Terrafix hit the road with an overseas trip to Orlando Florida at the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) exhibition. The exhibition in association with the UKTI allowed Terrafix to show case our products and systems to the Police and security services in America and also to introduce Terrafix to the USA markets.

The Stand generated a lot of interest with many parts of the Police and Security market, showing a great interest in the T.AGG, so much so that we have been invited back in Spring 2015 to the British Embassy in Washington.

Above are two images taken from our TerraTRACK system showing position of our assets within Florida, and the route taken to get from the hotel to the exhibition venue .


The TerraTrack is now available for as little as £12 per month per vehicle ... you can track all your assets in real -time, with free installation and no up front costs.

TerraTRACK advert

Enhancements of the TerraTRACK

Over the last couple of months we have been modifying and enhancing the functionality of the TerraTRACK now offers the users the ability to utilise:

Journey Playbacks - play backs can be easily located to view each individual journey, step by step along the map. These playbacks are
colour co-ordinated along the route taken indicating driver behaviour by following the speed and harsh breaking/ acceleration coloured arrows. An improvement has been made to include a journey playback time line, this can either be played

synchronising the journey with positions in the table or alternatively along side the instrument dashboard following each update along the way. Using the playback bar allows the replay to be stopped and started anywhere along the journey.

*Telematic Instrument Dashboard - a telematic reporting feature is now available and can be found within the Extras drop down, this feature is able to report selected CanBUS data from a vehicle where the appropriate interface is provided. Graphs and reports can be generated, placed into a report form and printed off, making it possible to view odometer data, fuel used, fuel level, speed graphs, engine revs and engine temp.

A instrument dashboard has now been implemented into the Journey and Asset Detail area as pictured below.

TerraTRACK dashboard

The *telematic instrument dashboard can be found within the Journey Detail where a play back version of an asset can be played or in the Asset Detail area where you can watch the movement of the asset at actual vehicle (telematic) speed as the data comes straight off of the CanBUS.The display replicates a journey of the vehicles parameters eg speed and actual mileage (if available), engine revs, engine temperature and fuel gauge, time/date and journey time.

*please note this added feature comes at an extra cost. please contact us for details


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Log on and have a look at our TerraTRACK system and see what we can provide for you!

TerraTRACK -central management of all assets, locating and displaying asset positions using intuitive mapping and tables.
TerraTRACK Demo

"Terrafix TerraTRACK is an evolution based on the 25 years experience providing critical bespoke tracking solutions. The principle is to provide a cost effective, yet configurable way of tracking and monitoring fleets of vehicles. Why not have a look at the system by logging on to:"


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