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Summer 2015 - Welcome to the Terrafix newsletter, keeping you updated on our latest news, products and events.

Terrafix Contract Award

Scottish Ambulance Service award Terrafix Limited with the contract to supply Phase 1 of the Ambulance Telehealth Programme

Terrafix Telehealth

Investing £3.5 Million in Terrafix Mobile Data Technology

Terrafix are pleased to announce that we have won the contract to supply Scottish Ambulance Service with a new revolutionary communications system that will be integral to Scottish Ambulance Service programme, "Towards 2020. Taking Care to the Patient". This system will provide the capability to turn an ambulance into a communications hub for real-time data sharing and live patient consultation with remote access to healthcare professionals.

Scottish Ambulance Service's vision was to provide a better and more reliable communications infrastructure, allowing patients to be treated in the most appropriate environment and where possible this will be at, or near their home, or in a homely setting.

Liam Coughlan, Programme Manager, Scottish Ambulance Service, said:

"The investment in new technology for emergency ambulances will ultimately widen the range of diagnostics that can be performed out of hospital and connect patients to clinical consultations. This will allow the patient to be treated safely in the community, where appropriate, reducing unnecessary admissions and the need for a long journeys to hospital."

Terrafix will provide the communication hub, the Terrafix Aggregator (T.AGG), in over 600 frontline vehicles, over the whole landmass of Scotland and associated islands. Each ambulance will be equipped with two Getac T800's tablets - one for use in the front of the vehicle for statusing mobilisation and routing, and the other positioned in the rear of the vehicle, but remaining portable to be used as a method of recording Electronic Patient Report Forms.

Terrafix software

Chris Green, Managing Director of Terrafix, said:

"Winning the contract to supply Scottish Ambulance with our revolutionary new T.AGG is a great achievement; we see that it will allow Scottish Ambulance Service to facilitate their vision for 2020, of Taking Care to the Patient. We look forward to 5 exciting years of watching the NHS Scotland vision become a reality."

Read our full press release here

The Terrafix Aggregator - TAGG

TAGG news
The TAGG - The Terrafix Aggregator - T.AGG is an in-vehicle communications hub with an integrated GPS system that will improve the way mobile data systems and devices operate in the field. It utilises a secure WiFi bubble to connect users over a proven, resilient and robust solution. With flexible configuration and the aggregation of networks, the T.AGG provides multiple network usage opportunities giving the optimum bandwidth available.
The 4 x 4G cellular modems are accompanied by other built in interfaces including ethernet, USB, Bluetooth and a GPS receiver/antenna providing a full secure Terrafix Mobile Environment TME, meaning that an TAGG Logo application will operate in exactly the same way on what ever device and operating system is chosen, from a tablet, smartphone, pc or bespoke Terrafix device (T.AGG/ TVC 4000) on either an Apple iOS, Windows or Android operating system.
In Other News...
TUG Group 2015 Terrafix User Group

End of May saw a successful Terrafix User Group (TUG) 2015 taking place at The Holiday Inn (Stoke). This gave us the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate our latest developments and products and also allowed the opportunity to discuss any on-going issues.

TUG user group
The agenda of the meeting:

  • Terrafix Aggregator product - T.AGG, including a demo and Telehealth opportunities.
  • TME - the Terrafix Mobile Environment update with the WMAS software demo.
  • TerraTRACK developments including a demo using the SecAMB build, and
  • a Multi Trust working update.

  • In other news, Terrafix's Installation Engineers underwent a FITAS FCS Accreditation training scheme. They all successfully passed and will be using their new found knowledge in the field.

    Terrafix are also working on introducing a Terrafix Apprentice Scheme. This scheme will provide Terrafix with the opportunity to shape the engineers of tomorrow that will become the future of Terrafix.

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    TerraTRACK -central management of all assets, locating and displaying asset positions using intuitive mapping and tables.
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    "Terrafix TerraTRACK is an evolution based on the 25 years experience providing critical bespoke tracking solutions. The principle is to provide a cost effective, yet configurable way of tracking and monitoring fleets of vehicles. Why not have a look at the system by logging on to:"


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