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February 2016 - Welcome to the Terrafix newsletter, keeping you updated on our latest news, products and events.

TVC 4000 Telematic Reporting System

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As part of the Terrafix's Telematics Suite we are now providing Black Box functionality allowing the real time recording and replay of vehicle activity. Using information derived from the CANBUS and auxiliary (blue light control) systems, these interfaces are now being provided on new vehicles for some Ambulance Trusts, at the body builder stage, or it can be retro fitted into existing vehicles in the fleet (subject to suitability).

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blackbox telematics mobile to standby blackbox telematics mobile

The Telematic Reporting System display replicates the vehicles parameters throughout a journey or journey playback, displaying the speed, actual mileage (if available) engine revs, engine temp, fuel gauge, time, date and journey time.
Telematic reporting system can also pick up the CAD's operational status's and the vehicle emergency light status. The standard TerraTracking replay and viewing window can play back a journey at 10 second intervals, however with the new BlackBox capability we record and display 1 second journey and status update replays to the TVC terminal that can be recovered at any point.

Terrafix and The PAPS - Private Ambulance Providers

The Private Ambulance arena has seen an increasing upsurge of investment in the TVC 4000 mobile data terminal to fulfil front-line work with many of the UK’s ambulance trusts, where in excess of 1200 TVC 4000’s are now operating and contributing to the success of meeting operational dispatch and incident arrival targets.

1. Introduction of Bi-Directional Telephony and Incident Messaging/Personal alert system for Private Ambulance Providers operating in SECAMB.

A recent trial between SECAMB, Terrafix and a Private Ambulance Provider to look at the prospect and capability of the in-vehicle MDT delivering a two-way telephony and paging capability to a remote handset was conducted , which, if successful may lead to the eventual replacement of the existing Airwave Radio Handset system currently being used.

The system designed and proposed for this trial proved highly successful, maintaining, and in some cases improving operational capability. As a result and success of this trial, it has been agreed this new capability is to be introduced for all Private Ambulance Providers working in SECAMB, and the Airwave Radio Handsets withdrawn from Private Ambulance Provider use.

This new capability, sees the introduction of an in-vehicle telephony and paired handset incident messaging solution, designed to provide an ambulance crew with a more robust means of direct communication with the Operations control room from the in-vehicle Mobile Data Terminal and when crews are deployed outside of the vehicle, the handset directly linked/paired to the in-vehicle system provides an incident alerting message to be received from the CAD on the handset, informing crews to return to the vehicle to acknowledge an incident message received on the MDT.

The Bi-Directional telephony capability also features call forwarding to the paired handset. If the in-vehicle system is dialled and not answered within a (configurable) finite time period (10-15 seconds), the call is automatically forwarded to the handset. The tied/paired handset also provides an emergency alerting function, enabling a crew member to send and emergency alert to the CAD/Operations Control Room if crew member is under duress.

2. Private Ambulance Multi-Trust Working

There has been a marked interest and upsurge of Private Providers requesting and taking up Multi-Trust working. To date several Private Providers are making use of this capability in the SCAS and SECAMB Trusts. MDT Multi-Trust configuration and working is a long term cost effective option if vehicles are required to operate independently between Trusts. It saves engineer re-visit, software supply, re-configuration and commissioning costs!
Terrafix TVC4000 - Private Ambulance

3. Support & Maintenance for Private Ambulance Providers

A Support and Maintenance service is offered to Private Ambulance Providers on a similar basis that already provided to the numerous ambulance service Trusts throughout the UK. Private providers are also encouraged to procure this support and maintenance service to maintain both their own and the sponsoring Ambulance Trusts operational targets and reporting systems.
Terrafix On-site support is now being offered on all quotations for Terrafix Mobile Data solutions
In summary of the support offered, this typically includes the following activities;

• Engineer attendance on site within 3 working days of receiving a reported Terrafix system fault

• Telephone assistance with system issues

• Software Support – over air maintenance and modifications - Provision and Management of ‘On-Going updates’ to the A&E application and Responder applications (for example driven by a change in Trust workflow or requirements). These are supported throughout the duration of the support and maintenance contract period.

• Support via the Terrafix fault reporting desk etc.

• 1 x Health Check Visit per vehicle per annum (must be pre-booked)

Please contact Tony Coates for all of the above on 01782 577015 or apc@terrafix.co.uk

In Other News...
Terrafix Supporting Local Colleges With Work Placements

Terrafix avidly supports local schools and colleges with the offer of work experience and the opportunity to work on projects that can be beneficial to Terrafix and themselves. Currently Dave from South Cheshire College is under taking a 3 day work experience at Terrafix and has started producing a Terrafix Corporate video. Keep an eye out for when it goes live on our website.

Terrafix work placement

Terrafix work placement

Upcoming Exhibitions Terrafix shall be attending

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Security and Counter Terror Expo 2016
19-20th April 2016
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