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Assigning geofences

TerraTRACK has a standard feature capability allowing users to assign particular assets to geofenced areas. These areas can be pre built or user defined and are unlimited.

TerraTRACK - assigning geofences
An example of a user defined geofence

London Congestion Charge geofence
The London congestion charge - a pre built geofence

Creating a Geofence

TerraTRACK - creating a geofence

Create a geofence to monitor assets in particular zones or geographical areas. The geofence hi-lights boundary areas that the assets can be either inside or outside.

When creating customised geofences "Batch Uploads" can be entered via an excel sheet with pre-defined address coordinates.

Edit the geofence
Once the geofence has been created there are options to resize, move or edit the area, allowing the geofence to be whatever shape is required.
TerraTRACK - editing/ resizing geofences

Defence Alerts

An automatic email alert can be set up to notify the user when assigned assets have entered or exited the governed area assigned to that asset.

TerraTRACK - geofence alerts

Email example reporting an asset that has exited the designated geofence area.

TerraTRACK - geofence email alert


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