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The Terrafix Aggregator, a new Terrafix product development. It is designed to drastically improve the way mobile data systems and devices will operate in the field.

The T.AGG is a stand alone system which utilises secure Wi-Fi to connect user devices over a robust communication link. It can also be incorporated into an existing Terrafix TVC4000 in-vehicle computer system as an integrated module within a TVC4000.

T.AGG Functions:

  • Includes up to 4 different mobile providers
  • Built in interfaces including Ethernet, USB
  • Secure WiFi bubble - Utilising multi device 80211ac protocol
  • Flexible configuration providing multiple network usage opportunities
  • Aggregation of configured networks giving the optimum bandwidth available
    to devices connecting over the Secure WiFi bubble.
  • Fully encrypted

  • T.AGG diagram below

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