Track your fleet of vehicles with Terrafix’s simple web based solution

Fleet tracking made easy with TerraTRACK

Designed exclusively by Terrafix, TerraTRACK can meet all tracking and telematic needs. A complete web based system that can be used for real-time tracking, messaging and status reporting of vehicles/ assets together with any telematic data.

Access via a secure web based portal allows users to easily track, manage and analyse their assets. The flexibility of TerraTRACK means the user can access their assets through smart devices such as tablets, laptops, pcs and smartphones, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Real-time fleet tracking

TerraTRACK is a low cost, reliable, efficient tracking system enabling the user to manage, track and view assets in real-time, access fleet management functionality and provide tailor made functions to the customer’s individual requirements.


How it helps

Increase productivity by reducing operating times

Improve security of the assets

Real-time tracking

Configurable options to add functionality e.g. messaging


Features of TerraTRACK

Secure web based portal to view online

Optional emergency button

Real-time tracking

Unlimited assets tracked

Interfaces into other vehicle systems via serial CANBus connections

No software installation needed

Optional resilient bearer providing world wide functionality

Generate management report forms

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Terrafix Limited is an UK company, with its headquarters based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Housed within over 2,500 square metres it employs over 70 experienced professional engineers and staff, working on product development and system design.

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