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Developed in collaboration with clinical advisors from Ambulance Trusts, Terrafix have designed an Electronic Patient Report/Record Form. This captures all the treatment, and medication received by the patient, and will allow the trust to exchange and report information electronically.

Combined with the Terrafix A&E solution TerraPACE will capture all incident information together with clinical information. TerraPACE can work on any platform either as part of the overall Terrafix A&E solution or independently on its own in a stand alone environment.

TerraPACE will provide the user with the following stages:

  • Incident log
  • Primary survey screens
  • Secondary survey screens and other clinical information screens
  • Recording of clinical monitoring
  • Reference materials such as JRCALC* & Trust specific guidelines
  • Recording of consent, refusal etc
  • Different forms of transfer including printing, e-transfer
  • 'Closure' of form filling via the AMPDS diagnostic codes
  • Requirements for mandatory fields

  • Terrafix TerraPACE can also interface to other in-vehicle equipment such as:

  • Defibrillators
  • Other Sensors
  • Auto population of report forms i.e. mobile data terminals

  • TerraPACE can be adapted and customised to meet the Trusts individual requirements and would be compliant with Clinical Governance requirements.

    * Note:Customer is responsible for any reference material licences.

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