Press Release - 26/09/2023

Terrafix have been awarded the Department of Health and Social Care, National Ambulance In-Vehicle Hardware Contract (MP5)

Over the summer of 2020 The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) awarded Terrafix Limited and Centerprise International the contract to develop, supply and support an in-vehicle system comprising of a resilient ‘smart’ vehicle router, the Terrafix Vehicle Router (TVR) and tablet device capable of running the National Mobilisation Application (NMA). 

The consortium was chosen by competitive tender as the group that best met the requirements for the delivery of a resilient and reliable state of the art, mission critical in-vehicle mobile data solution.

Chris Green, Managing Director of Terrafix:

“Winning the contract to supply The Department of Health and Social Care with the Terrafix TVR is a fantastic achievement for the company. We, as one of the leading Development Engineering companies in the UK are proud to keep Staffordshire very firmly on the map for Innovation.   We are excited to have be chosen and we will be utilising our knowledge of the ambulance mobile environment accumulated over the past 28 years to ensure that we provide Ambulances across the UK with a resilient Mobile Data and Vehicle Solution to communicate, efficiently and effectively with the control rooms and dispatchers in a timely and accurate manner.”

Jon Elliott, Director Government for Centerprise:

 “Centerprise are delighted to partner with Terrafix and complement their in-house capability to deliver this nationally significant programme to DHSC”

The contract is part of the Ambulance Radio Programme (ARP) Mobile Data Vehicle System (MDVS) for the UK NHS Ambulance Trusts.  The principle of which is to provide resilient mobile data communication hardware suitable for vehicles such as  Ambulances, Rapid Response and other emergency vehicles, providing the in-vehicle connectivity and functional capabilities needed for the NMA (National Mobilisation Application) and other in-vehicle applications.  

Designed and developed by Terrafix the TVR is a bespoke engineered ‘smart’ mobile router that is capable of connecting to multiple mobile communications bearers including ESN and the legacy Airwave system. 

 Providing extensive capabilities, connectivity and interfaces the TVR and in-vehicle tablet will then give the users a full ruggedised touch screen platform, running the NMA software alongside other in-vehicle applications.  

The System will ensure that responding resources, Paramedics, Community Responders, even GP’s have a common platform across the UK to communicate with control rooms.  It will ultimately provide a powerful communications tool that will create a secure critical communications system for all of the UK Ambulance Trusts and Services.

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