TerraPACe is a dynamic innovative electronic patient report system that has been designed in conjunction with leading UK emergency clinicians.

TerraPACe is a software based application for emergency services such as A&E and frontline emergency vehicles. The primary role of TerraPACe is to capture all the clinical treatment, patient symptoms and drugs administered by the ambulance clinicians prior to the arrival at hospital. Designed by leading UK emergency clinicians and based on the latest JRCALC recommendations the system has been extensively tested and refined by actual users to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible.

The application creates an electronic patient report form which allows Trusts to exchange and report patient information. Paramedics can capture details of patient treatments and view prescription history, known allergies, demographic information and palliative care details.

The TerraPACe application is platform agnostic, which can be operated on any Windows, iOS or Android device. TerraPACe can be adapted and customised to meet individual Trust needs providing a system which can be adapted to the Trusts Business Rules.

 Portal Functionality:

  • Central management system for controlling TerraPACE users.
  • Review patient records.
  • Restrict patient records.
  • Search and query.
  • Design, edit and build new screen layouts without any code changes.
  • Interact with in-field clinicians.
  • Manage lists, such as drugs, closure reasons
  • User management, such as remote logouts.
  • Referral management.

Application Functionality:

  • Real-time multi-clinician system, changes clinicians make are reported in real-time across all devices and receiving locations.
  • Scene image capture.
  • Major Incident Management.
  • Covers all general medical algorithms such as NEWS2.
  • On-device training modes.
  • Clinicians can review historical records in the fields.
  • Compatible with Zoll & Corpuls defibrillators.

Benefits of TerraPACE:

  • The Trust own the data
  • Trust can generate any report – extensive reporting facility
  • Reports can be summarised into
    • Nationality
    • By division
    • By station
    • By individual
  • Simple user interface
  • Interaction via finger touch
  • Large buttons organised to follow work flow patterns
  • Touch screen keyboard and detailed data entry
  • Auto population of data fields where possible
  • Platform independent – any ruggedised PC
  • Bespoke
  • Connection to in-vehicle systems
  • Developed in collaboration with Ambulance Trust
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Terrafix Limited is an UK company, with its headquarters based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Housed within over 2,500 square metres it employs over 70 experienced professional engineers and staff, working on product development and system design.

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