TVR - Terrafix Vehicle Router

The TVR introduces the next generation of in-vehicle router, providing seamless integration of the latest generation of wired and wireless data communication systems and in-vehicle peripherals. Designed to maximise leading edge and legacy equipment connectivity, the TVR simplifies and improves field-worker and back office system interaction with in-vehicle data systems.

Cutting-Edge TVR: Future-Proofing Communication Systems with Legacy Support and Seamless Connectivity

Whilst forward-looking with new technologies, the TVR is conscious of customer needs to prolong and protect their existing equipment and communication systems investments. As such, the TVR provides support for legacy equipment interfaces using UART serial ports, such as TETRA AIRWAVE radios, as well as providing for established 2G/ GPRS communications within areas of known coverage.

Dual independent LTE cellular modems provide simultaneous seamless coverage across various network technologies, with a combination of 4G/3G/2G providing reassuring resilience and redundancy against network coverage/ outage issues. Emergency Services Network (ESN) support is provisioned with UDTAS approval for ESN-Connect Essential and Critical bearers via a 4G/3G cellular modem with support for 3GPP R12 QCIs 65/66/69/70 and multiple Tra ic Flow Templates. In addition to the latest data communications, the TVR also provides support for traditional mobile phone (circuit-switched) audio voice calls.

Two individual Wi-Fi cards deliver a flexible, simultaneous combination of secure client-access (device) and/or secure access-point hosting. Dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz support widens Wi-Fi frequency opportunities whilst the latest 5GHz AC-protocol delivers maximum bandwidth operation.

The TVR has been designed to be battery-free and to operate in a running state with an input power supply down as low as 4V. Additionally it is resilient to unexpected power failures by the use of a specialised RAM-based embedded Linux Operating System.

A variety of external interfaces, LAN/USB/CAN/Wi-FI/Bluetooth , are available along with provision for multi-bearer communications. Interfaces are provided to support wired or wireless touch-displays, the capture of vehicle telematics data, external cameras, RFID and Blue- Light control systems.

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Terrafix Limited is an UK company, with its headquarters based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Housed within over 2,500 square metres it employs over 70 experienced professional engineers and staff, working on product development and system design.

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