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Issue GDPR - May 2018

Keeping in touch... Terrafix are now GDRP compliant, continue receiving our newsletters... read more

Issue 9 - July 2017

Terrafix win the Scottish Fire and Rescue contract to install in-vehicle equipment. Also terrafix donates a dummy screen to the National Emergency Services Museum... read more

Issue 8 - December 2016

Terrafix were awarded the contracts from Scottish Ambulance Telehealth programme with our electronic patient record system - TerraPACEII and Richmondshire Council vehicle tracking and telematics system, the TerraTRACK. plus more on our apprentice scheme and involvement with the code club.. read more

Issue 7 - February 2016

Terrafix talks about our TVC4000 telematic reporting system - replicating vehicles parameters throughout a journey or journey playback. Also discusses Terrafix working closely and aiding the Private Ambulance Providers (PAP) with TVC4000 Mobile data units to fulfill front line work with many of the UK's Ambulance Trusts... read more

Issue 6 - Summer 2015

Terrafix awarded with the Scottish Ambulance contract to supply Phase 1 of the Ambulance Telehealth programme. Write up on the Terrafix User Group (TUG) meeting... read more

Issue 5 - December 2014

Terrafix wishes all our readers a merry christmas and a happy new year. Talks about our NEW in-vehicle communications hub the T.AGG, our overseas exhibition in Orlando Florida, and the new enhancements on the TerraTRACKER - the telematic instrument dashboard... read more

Issue 4 - October 2014

Terrafix presents the TerraPACE software application- electronic patient record form, for A&E and paramedic use and the TVC Bi-Id-telephony facility ... read more

Issue 3 - May 2014

Terrafix TVC3000 in situ at Burnt and District Community Community First Responder, TVC4000 release and discussing the TME Terrafix Mobile Environment. Also our product development the T.AGG, the Terrafix Aggregator... read more

Product Announcement - Summer 2014

A new Terrafix product development called the T.AGG, the Terrafix Aggregator. Designed to drastically improve the way mobile data devices will operate in the field... read more

Issue 2 - December 2013

Wishing all of Terrafixs' customers a Merry Christmas, enhancements to the TerraTRACK, research carried out by Terrafix and the Anechoic chamber available for hire... read more

Issue 1 - October 2013

Featuring Terrafixs' NEW look website, TerraTRACK, TUT and Responder Lite... read more

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