NMA - National Mobilisation Application

Introducing the Terrafix NMA Ambulance Mobilisation Application

NMA is designed for use by Ambulance Services and supporting Responder Groups. It is a cross-platform application for both Windows and Android and presents a consistent user interface.

NMA has a flexible and intuitive user interface, carefully designed to ensure ease of use and provides workflows that are configurable to the requirements of each Ambulance Service. NMA enables mutual aid and co-operative working between Ambulance Services.

NMA provides:

  • Asset tracking (AVLS)
  • Integrated SatNav and embedded mapping
  • Status messaging
  • Full CAD integration, including mobilisation workflow, dispatch updates, status messaging and crew acknowledgement
  • Audible incident and update alerting
  • Instant 2-way messaging
  • Text-to-speech functionality
  • Configurable voice activation
  • Crew emergency button
  • Crew welfare and shift management

Integrated satellite navigation is provided utilising the latest OS® Highways data, and visualised on state of the art OS® vector mapping which provides 3D buildings and off-road details. OS® AddressBase Plus is providing the location gazetteer, allowing crews to manually search and navigate to specific addresses and destinations.

All communications and data held on the device is encrypted to AES256 standard with a resilient communications architecture supported by high availability base infrastructure, hosted at two geographically separated Crown Data Centres, providing the highest levels of data security and resilience.

NMA has been designed to be compatible with the future Emergency Services Network (ESN) communications infrastructure and is also suitable for use over other Mobile Network operator (MNO) bearers.

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