RFID - Radio Frequency ID

Terrafix have developed a unique system which uses the in-vehicle computing infrastructure (TVC) to manage assets.

The Terrafix solution uses RFID technology to automatically manage assets within a vehicle. A small tag is attached to the asset and sends a unique ID to a reader connected to the Mobile Data Terminal. The Software package is embedded into the MDT and alerts the operator of the current state, or any change of state of all assets assigned to the vehicle.


  • Allows high-value and critical business assets to be identified and located within defined areas.
  • Assets can be associated with a vehicle in which they are deployed.
  • The recognition of an asset within a defined area/ vehicle is automatic.
  • When assets are removed from vehicle, ie left at the scene, a notification can be displayed locally and also reported to a central monitoring system.
  • Interfaces can exist to other asset management tools and databases.
  • Various sizes of TAG available to suit different equipment dimensions.
  • Tag life of 5 years

The Terrafix solution is not dependant on knowing what the asset is or the relevance of the equipment to the user or Service. It is business rule driven so that different assets can be tracked, monitored and reported in the most effective manner.

In summary, the Terrafix Asset Management System performs the following functions:

  • Identifies which tags can be seen.
  • Interfaces with the central control systems to associate tags with assets.
  • Notifies the crew of the assets on board.
  • Is able to present asset checklists for confirmation by the crew.
  • Filters all visible tag information to identify assets associated with the vehicle or storage areas.
  • Can report to the crew and centrally (eg. to a nominated manager) if the local asset register changes. This can be when assets are ‘lost’ which should be on-board, or when new assets are identified.
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