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TerraTRACK- mapping


TerraTrack allows central management of all assets, locating and displaying positions using intuitive mapping and tables.

  • Unlimited number of assets can be tracked
  • Multiple map views
  • Monitor driver behaviour in real-time
  • View maps and detailed schedule reports

  • for more examples of mapping >>
    TerraTRACK - journey


    TerraTRACK allows the viewing of historical data and journeys taken by particular assets, displaying various journey statistics including;

  • direction of travel
  • average/max speed
  • time and distances
  • driver behaviour
  • speed profiles

  • for more examples of journeys >>
    TerraTRACK - Report Forms

    Report Forms

    All data can be easily accessed as and when needed, tailored into management reports in either excel or PDF formats, Reports can include:
  • daily activity
  • mileage
  • odometer
  • utilisation
  • speed analysis
  • fuel monitoring

  • All reports can be customised to suit your business needs.

    for more examples of reports >>
    TerraTRACK - geofencing


    TerraTRACK provides Geofencing ability allowing the user to assign particular assets to certain areas. Geofences can be default shapes, user defined or from a pre-stored library.

  • Assign geofences to assets
  • Create, edit, move or resize a geofenced
  • area
  • Geofence Alerts
  • Unlimited numbers of geofences

  • for more examples of geofencing >>

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