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Journey Details/ Playbacks

TerraTRACK records real-time tracking, presents historical data and also facilitates a vehicle route replay. Real-time updates of all the individual tracked assets positions (belonging to the user), are visually pinpointed on the map, and their asset ID, position and other journey details are displayed in the fleet table below.

TerraTRACK - fleet/ asset table

Journey Details (top)

A user can click on the ID/asset entry to zoom in and display the current location/position of that asset. The basic information is detailed live within the fleet table; displaying whether the asset is 'active' or 'stopped', asset ID, location with postcode and the time of the last update.

TerraTRACK - journey details

Asset Details(top)

More detailed information relating to the ID/asset such as assets details, document details (i.e. last MOT/ tax/ insurance/ service), installation details, position, GPS state and ignition, can be viewed in the lower window whilst live monitoring the asset's real-time route continues in the map windows above.

TerraTRACK - asset details

Journey and driver behaviour(top)

Selecting the journeys icon on the asset entry displays a table of recorded journeys the asset has undertaken. This sub menu also depicts driver behaviour. When monitoring a current journey, real time driver behaviour can be seen.

TerraTRACK- asset journey and driver behaviour

Speed Profile(top)

The graphical speed profile and associated text are highlighted with three colours over the journey duration.

  • Green indicates speeds achieved up-to and below national speed limits set for minor /major roads and motorways.
  • Amber indicates speeds achieved above set limits set for minor /major roads and motorways within a +/-10mph band.
  • Red indicates speeds achieved above set limits for minor/ major roads and motorways with a +10mph margin.

  • TerraTRACK - speed profile
    The example shows typical recordings of a journeys speed profile. The speed profile data records minimum and maximum speed achieved during the journeys and records any harsh acceleration or braking.

    Journey Analysis (top)

    Further analysis of an individual's journey are in the position table, this displays a complete breakdown of the journey including time, distance, location, hard acceleration/breaking, speed, speed limit and vehicle status.

    TerraTRACK - journey analysis


    The 'Playback' feature can also be visited from here, playing a step by step journey of the route taken by the asset. The playback option, replays the route taken along the map. The position table information is also synchronously replayed. This highlights the driver behaviour where necessary i.e. colour indication of the speed taken, harsh acceleration and idle time. This feature can be replayed and paused as many times as required and taken to different positions throughout the journey to view certain parts of the journey.

    Speed and distance graphs

    There is the option to swap the position table for a speed graph view showing a detailed representation of the speed data collected. The speed limit is displayed and set as a baseline and the speeds shown colour coordinated against that base line providing a clear information view.

    terraTrack-speed graph

    A distance graph can also be presented to view the distance traveled over time.

    terraTrack-distance graph

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