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TerraTRACK mapping is based on Bing MapsĀ© allowing the tracking of assets on a live map platform. There is no need for the user to provide their own maps. The opening screen displays the "fleet overview" with the map window at the top and a table of asset details and positions beneath.

TerraTRACK- mapping

Assets are overlaid onto the Bing maps and can be displayed on road maps, aerial view or a hybrid combination of them both, enabling the user to have full visibility of their location/position.

TerraTRACK- road maps TerraTRACK- aerial viewTerraTRACK- hybrid maps, road maps and aerial view

Multiple map views

The multiple mapping views give the option of viewing the real-time position of the assets on a single or dual map. The dual maps can either be sync to view the same assets or un-sync to allow different groups of assets to be viewed between the two windows. The mapping windows can also be viewed in full screen mode with map zooming in/ out and panning available.

TerraTRACK- multiple map views

Unlimited Assets

The TerraTRACK system can view as many assets as required, these can displayed as either large/small pinpoint icons or viewed by displaying the "reg" icons or "driver" icons. To aid viewing capabilities when a lot of assets are live and shown closely located, they can be displayed as a "stack" to prevent a cluttered screen view.


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