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TerraTRACK supports its asset tracking by collating accurate data and providing easily accessible, clear and concise reporting forms. The user can instantly access and view any historical data and individual reports, showing the performance and management information of their assets.

This allows analysis of performance and in-efficiency within the business to identify areas where improvements can be made.

Report Forms

Reports forms can be generated to display an array of activity of either an individual asset, pre-defined grouped assets, or the fleet list as a whole. Any aspect of the data collated can be reported over any chosen day or between any specified dates required by the user. These reports can be viewed online, printed and also downloaded, enabling the data to be presented to the relevant personnel. Users can select the reports to be saved in either Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF formats and there is no limitation on how many times a report can be generated.

Report Subscriptions

Scheduled user customised reports, on various activities of the assets can be automatically forwarded via e-mail to specified address. These pre- set email reports can keep the user updated daily, weekly or monthly and can be re-configured at any time to suit changing user requirements. The reports emailed are sent as either a Microsoft Excel or an Adobe PDF attachment.

Reporting System

Reports are available in a number of formats as described below

  • 'Per asset reports'

  • Daily Activity- Details the total amount of visits, time and mileage carried out by an asset between the dates entered, with the options to view in and/or out of working hours.

    TerraTRACK - daily activity journeys

    Daily Visits - Displays the visited areas of the asset, documenting arrival and departure time, governed area entered and total duration of the particular visit.

    Time Sheets - A report generated to show an assets activity throughout the week, collating daily hours worked and distance traveled. The report is precise and designed to be printed off as individual time sheets for sign off to help with efficient running of the business.

    TerraTRACK timesheets

  • 'Per group reports'

  • Mileage - Mileage and time reports can be generated showing the total distance covered by each asset within the dates set by the users, with the option to view working and non working hours

    TerraTRACK mileage reports

    Odometer - a mileage reading report helping to inform when assets are due service and warranty.

    TerraTRACK odomenter reports

    Fleet Manager- A report collating MOT, tax, insurance and service into one document making it easier to view and assess the overall fleet maintenance state.

    TerraTRACK management reports

    Utilisation - Accumulates all the information gathered into one report, detailing 'asset' type, reference, driver and odometer. The 'journey' in hours, out of hours, total hours, distance and idle times and 'general' speeding, updates and harsh driving. This document can be custom made to suit the user containing as much information as requested.

    TerraTRACK utilisation report settings

    Geofences - reporting when the selected geofence has been entered and exited between the specified dates, listing the asset and the duration within the boundary.

    TerraTRACK - geofence report


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